Blow Torches
Anti-flare Blow Torches with a Piezo ignition
These industrial tools are handy for welding, brazing, melting, plumbing, sweating or camping. They can be found in many DIY shops or hardware stores.
The Blow Torches are anti-flaring in all positions.
Blow torches are available in models suitable for Europe, Japan or U.S. standards.
Models available: PR05, PR06, PR07, PR08, PR13, PR14, PR31, PR32, PR105, PR106 and PR108
FLAME TYPES AND GAS CANISTER TYPES (E - Europe, J - Japan and U - the U.S.)
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Minimum Order: Negotiable.
PR05 - E/U/J
PR06 - E/U/J
PR07 - E/U/J
PR08 - E/U/J
PR13 - E/U/J
PR14 - E/U/J
PR31 - EU/U
PR32 - E/U
PR1O5 - E/U/J
PR1O6 - E/U/J
PR1O8 - E/U/J
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Thawing Frozen Pipes
Lighting charcoal

The Blow Torch is equipped with an Air Intake Port to mix gas and air for an optimum output flame.

A Butane or Propane adapter can be supplied to meet your requirements.

Melt Ice/Frozen Locks
Lacquer Removal