Culinary Torches and Burners

Culinary Torches and Crème Brûlée Set

Micro Burners
Micro Culinary Torches from A-HOT are ideal for kitchen or restaurant use. They have an output temperature of 1300° C / 2450° F.
Micro Culinary Torches are ideal for:
Crème Brûlée Roasted Pepper
Tartlets Ice Sculpture
Meringue Pies Melting grease
A-HOT Micro Culinary Torches are special houseware and kitchenware products and can be found in gift shops, DIY stores, and kitchenware and housewares sections of department stores.
Most A-HOT Culinary Torches meet the U.S. Consumer Protection Safety Commission (CPSC) Safety Standards for Multi-Purpose Lighters (16 C.F.R. and 1212.17(b).
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The MT-770 Micro Torch is ideal as a Culinary Torch. It has a one touch auto Piezo ignition, flame adjustment lever and safety lock to make it safe for household use. The F-51 Pocket Torch - HYPRE has a Piezo ignition, safety lock and cap and a continuous burning flame lock mechanism.