Soldering Irons/Torches
The A-HOT Soldering Irons/Torches are multi-function heat tools. They provide an appropriate designed butan powered tool for every application. Each tool has acessories that can convert it into a soldering iron, a torch, hot blow or as a DIY tool with other functions.
A-HOT'S Soldering Iron and Gas Torches are handy DIY tools that can be found in hardware stores, DIY stores or hobby shops.
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PT230 / PT235 / PT237
PT240 / PT245 / PT247
PT260 / PT265 / PT267
PT500 / PT506 / PT509
PT520 / PT526 / PT529
PT600 / PT606 / PT609


MT-7720 / MT-7726 / MT-7729
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Blow Torches Pencil Torch
Cassette Torches Pencil Torch and Soldering Iron Kit
Culinary Torches Pocket Cigar Torch and Cutter
Hardware Tools Pocket Torches
Micro Burners Pocket Warmers
Micro Torches Soldering Iron + Gas Torch
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